Cyber Security Advisory Services

Strategically build a responsive, powerful security posture.

Novacoast offers comprehensive advisory services covering everything from cooperating on high-level strategy to identifying low-hanging fruit, supported by experience and ingenuity that can bring your security posture up to date. Starting with security implementation work for small shops twenty years ago, we’ve grown to become trusted advisors in the most highly regulated, largest enterprise networks.

Through strategic partnerships with security software leaders and our ground-level perspective, we keep closely in-step with emerging solutions and trends in the industry. Whether you need a network overhaul from the ground-up or a round of penetration testing, we can help.

Interim/Transition CISO Services

Our CISO services provide a full-time temporary CISO with years of career experience to take point in your organization.

Your interim CISO can help build a new security program, extend and implement your roadmap, or provide guidance and service during changes in the organization.

IT Risk Checks & Security Planning

Our exhaustive, comprehensive risk assessments reveal vulnerabilities in your security posture, but we can help beyond that.

We can also work with you to design and implement a strategic roadmap to improve your posture over a three-year period.


"No one (else) brought up that these confidential documents were exposed to the public. It's pretty incredible."

Fortune 100 Company (name withheld by request)

Last year, Novacoast took first place at the National Cyber Readiness Challenge, a hacking competition hosted by the Symantec Corporation in Las Vegas.

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