Nothing less than exactly what you need.

We believe in agile development, leading with design, and redesigning our approach to best the needs of every project. We know the most useful apps are the apps people want to use.
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From enterprise to social, we build killer apps.

We do more or less everything.

UI/UX Design

Our design team ensures that we continually marry functionality with appeal in user interface.

User experience defines how functional an app will be in practice. We use dynamic interfaces to draw users in.

Mobile Apps

We have experience working with Android, iOS and beyond.

From navigating format requirements to maximizing function with minimal real estate and tactile interfaces, we’ve got it covered. It’s not easy, but we make it look easy.

Enterprise IT Development

Novacoast’s DNA is Enterprise IT. Our dev team grew up writing code for the biggest, baddest, ugliest ERP and legacy systems.

We build new or expanded functionality in useable, appealing apps for business.

Network Security

We have designed and implemented Network Security applications across industries and regulatory requirements.

Our developers work closely with Novacoast security experts for airtight development.