Internal Penetration Testing

Every network has vulnerabilities. Do you know where yours are?

In Novacoast's award winning security work, we see far too many networks built like an egg--with a powerful outer shell and little other protection. Once inside most networks, a malicious agent can easily access any and all internal information.

Novacoast offers internal penetration testing, which doesn't just pinpoint the inevitable chink in the armor but also assesses the strength of your internal security posture. Our internal assessments will help to expose weaknesses and help ensure your networks are properly segregated and your sensitive information isn’t just sitting on a unsecured fileshare. These assessments also expose internal application vulnerabilities that may lie in some of your mission critical applications.

In the past 16+ years conducting countless security assessments, the Novacoast Team has a perfect record for penetrating into systems without any inside knowledge or special access.

We can help

  • On-site penetration testing - Novacoast security experts will attempt to reach sensitive data from inside your network. Often just stepping inside your building is enough to give a malicious agent too much access.
  • Policy Assessments - Beyond software, we audit a company's internal approach to security on the policy level. Once malicious agents get in, a security-minded employee culture can keep them from accessing too much.
  • Analysis with prioritized recommendations - we present our findings in business-impact terms in two reports: a high level overview for an executive audience, and a detailed technical report for the security staff.
  • Wireless Environment Assessments
  • Resource Assessments


"No one (else) brought up that these confidential documents were exposed to the public. It's pretty incredible."

Fortune 100 Company (name withheld by request)

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