Custom Development

Managed Development/Devops

Let our experienced devops experts interact directly with your teams to let your teams focus on what they do best - Innovating.

Our Process

Architect a DevOps Process

During the onboarding phase our DevOps team will categorize your existing toolsets, review your in development projects, and architect a process with security, resiliency, and consistency in mind.

Mature and Standardize

Novacoast will provide consistent maturity services in bite-sized engagements. This ensures the process continues to mature from containers to secrets management all in a maintainable way that does not hinder the development release cycle.

Provide Ongoing Assistance

One operational, Novacoast can provide a full range of devops services from assisting with writing Docker configurations to building Ansible playbooks for deploy/config. Pick from our range of skillsets and knowledge in Devops to offload work to our team.

What We Do

Novacoast has years of knowledge and expertise in devops technologies and processes. Some of the technologies most commonly used in our customer engagements are:

Novacoast leverages these technologies and others to provide a DevOps pipeline that is secure, maintainable, and automated. Novacoast can also provide custom development to provide additional integration and implementation where applicable.

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