Protecting vital data, at home and around the world.

As a manufacturing company, your data has to move. It has to move within your company, it has to be in the hands of your users, and it has to make its way through global supply chains. Every move, every point of access is an opportunity for Intellectual Property to be stolen.

We can show you how to keep your data safe, in access and in transit.

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Security rests on Data Classification

We can show you how.

Custom Development

The Novacoast Development Team’s DNA is Enterprise IT. They grew up writing code for the biggest, baddest, ugliest ERP and legacy systems.

We build new or expanded functionality in useable, appealing apps for business. We have a specialty in designing custom integrations and interfaces for, well, basically anything.

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Managed Security

Novacoast’s directed NOC and SOC teams provide round-the-clock management of systems or security.

Our blended team is made up of operations and security veterans, coordinated to apply experienced analysis and decisive response. Security doesn’t allow for off-hours, and we provide constant monitoring.

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