Novacoast Style Guide

Provided below are the official colors and logos currently in use by Novacoast, Inc. Please abide by the rules of the style guide and do not alter or otherwise change the layout or color of the logo images.

Color Palette



Pantone 144C

Dark Grey


Pantone 425C

Light Grey


Pantone Cool Gray 7C

Company Description

Novacoast is a uniquely positioned professional services and solutions company built on broad offerings, deep expertise and a collaborative culture of adaptable problem solving. We are a comprehensive resource, offering everything from broader IT and security services to product development, staffing services to product fulfillment. Novacoast combines its advanced technical knowledge with our customers’ expertise so together we can make informed decisions and avoid costly IT mistakes.


Which logo should I use?

Vector art is infinitely scalable. It can be resized using applications like Adobe Illustrator or Acrobat, and can be imported into image editors at any size. The vector images should be used in any kind of print material, or when a custom size logo needs to be created.

Bitmap images are used for viewing on the web. Examples of usage include: Image link from a webpage, or from within a graphical interface. Two types of images are provided: Logo with white background, and logo with transparent background. Only use these images at their native size and resolution. Do not resize them.