Endpoint Management Deployment

Novacoast is proud to have provided universal imaging services at hundreds of sites, on hundreds of thousands of workstations.

Workstation or endpoint management defines how your business does business. The tools, the access—and, often more importantly, the restrictions—your users work with will empower and guide the work they do. More than this, being able to clear away clutter, and deploying a consistent OS installation to your endpoints is vital to your organization’s IT support success.

But finding the right imaging solution is barely half the battle.

The big, time-and-resource-intensive, never-ending task, is maintaining the OS imaging environment.

It’s not just the necessity of creating separate images for each make and model of computer in the business, in order to maintain consistency and control, but the regular (and let’s face it - less regular than you’d like) process of updating images with current patches and security updates.

Starting from scratch on countless blank slates, then constantly planning, pushing and double checking updates is time consuming and expensive; but luckily, not inevitable.

Novacoast imaging services starts with our strategy for creating a universal image that will not only fit any make and any model of computer, but will integrate with any workstation management solution (Altiris, SCCM, and ZENworks).

First, our Universal Imaging Services significantly reduces the time needed to implement hardware-independent imaging, so your business can get down to business, full workstation management for as many workstations as you need. We can show you how not to start from scratch.

Second, Novacoast Imaging Services provides updated images monthly. So you can be confident that you are always putting down an image current with updates and security patches. Imagine never thinking again: uh-oh—how long has it been since our last update?

You could almost say imaging services even takes taking it off your mind off your mind. The point is that i maging shouldn’t get in the way of business. We can show you.

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Date: August 19, 2014
Tags: infrastructure, it-services-video