Enterprise Identity Management

How do you manage your people? You have so many users, roles, repositories for user names and passwords, and so much constantly changing in your user base that needs to be updated across the board.

Identity software is powerful, but even the best leads a lot of open questions. Can you get reporting? Integrate with difficult, disparate applications? Can you address compliance? Is your solution secure?

Choosing the right solution is a big step. But even more important is what help you have.

Commoditized identity management solutions are powerful, but most are either so complete out of the box that they can't be flexible—so customization is difficult and it's your business that has to compromise—or so flexible that customization is required, complex, and ongoing.

Now, a lot of this work is less difficult and time consuming than it looks, but that rests on a big "if." It's not so bad if you have the experience and a deep knowledge of the products necessary to make it manageable.

Novacoast has huge and growing team of experts in our identity services group—something nearly unique in the market. Because most of the companies who build these products don't have dedicated services teams like we do. Their focus is creating the software, not boots-on-the-ground integration.

But what really sets Novacoast apart in identity is that we aren't just made up of specialists. We don't just work with identity. We work with everything.

Worried about security? Our deep, award winning security bench can ensure a fully secure identity environment. Don't like your User Interface? Or, need customizations in your dashboard? Our development group has experience with countless languages, for enterprise and consumer products and a dedicated interface team that can work-in any switch, improvement or addition.

The right solution is hard to find—for anyone. Especially since the right solution usually comes down to who you get to make it work.

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Date: November 12, 2014
Tags: infrastructure, it-services-video