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So what if Bill Gates may have never actually said the famous misquote “640 Kilobytes should be enough for anybody”? It’s just such a perfect thing for someone to have said 20 years ago that don’t you kind of wish he had?

And yes, this quote is aimed at personal computers; but most of us misjudged enterprise storage too. Because now, there is just so much data, so much info stored. It’s supposed to be doubling every year—in businesses all over the world—reaching 44 zettabytes in the next five years.

You believe that? We have so much stored we need to keep making up new names for the space it takes up.

Sometimes, it seems like your data is gas–expanding to fill whatever container it’s in. You always need more space, breathing room never lasts, and buying more is always such an ordeal; it's not just the logistics, but the approvals and budgeting.

Of course, you’re probably storing more storage than you need already. What I mean is, there’s probably a lot you don’t need taking up the space you do have. Wonderful–just clear the clutter, and all it will cost you is weekends, summers and extra hours, auditing and clearing the data that just takes up space.

Getting that old rock-and-hardplace feeling? That’s just storage these days. But there are solutions out there to make this easy. Well, easier.

We rely on File Reporter. A quick, comprehensive scan of your network reveals what you have, where it is and who has access to it. The good news is this is the silver bullet for storage woes. The good news is this is the silver bullet for security.

And it’s not a scan, it’s an ongoing, automated scanning solution that produces regular reports. We use it when migrating systems, consolidating environments or securing networks of malicious or sensitive information.

It’s light in a dark, crowded warehouse–light that does wonderful things. For data, this kind of visibility is cost savings with a side of easy compliance. It's light that drives auditors away. And with color-weighted heat maps showing you your entire file environment at a glance, it’s light by which to find what you don’t need, to find danger, and to make your business happy. It can help corral your storage work to back work hours.

Yes, we underestimated the need for data storage. But you probably do have more space than you need. We can show you.

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Date: February 20, 2015
Tags: infrastructure