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Hopefully you already know that Novacoast is a go-to resource when you have a project that a) has to be done right, b) has to be done yesterday, c) has to be salvaged from a failed attempt or d) all of the above.

A shop like Novacoast (though of course there aren't any shops like Novcoast) is, basically, the Cavalry. And very often you need a cavalry of outside, expert help in IT for implementations, customizations, and complex network development. But when the cavalry moves on and business is back to business as usual, you still need someone. On your team.

And this is what we want to talk about.

The Problem

In business, you need more than the cavalry.

  • Sometimes you need 24/7, here for the long haul, count on me for anything and everything, fill a permanent gap in our internal staff, resources
  • or you need a committed local resource
  • or a contract worker for a temporary project
  • or a contract-to-hire 'test drive before you buy' resource with the potential to integrate into your team
Okay, so how do you find the right people?

Whether they're full time or contract, you count on your IT staff to solve the problems you don't have yet, so you can't afford to hire the wrong person.

Well turns out, we can help with that too. As a group with a deep technical expertise in every area of IT and a strategic network within the IT industry, Novacoast is uniquely, even unfairly well placed to build that connection between resource and both the specific need and the culture of an organization.

To find someone you can count on, and someone who fits.

Our Process

Our proven specialty is matching needs with ability, and culture with character. You can't know if Mr. or Mrs. right-for-the-job will see your posting, or that you'll know Mr. or Mrs. right-for-the-job when you see them. Well we do.

And we're not talking about just a "gut-feeling." We'd never ask you just to trust our instincts. We even provide full technical vetting of all our candidates before they're even presented to customers.

Our selection process is supported by our unsurpassed technical expertise, and goes from selection to training, through full integration.

So don't sort through resumes. Don't hire an unknown and hope for the perfect fit. It's calculated the wrong hire can cost 5 to 15 percent a position's annual salary. How fast does that add up?

We can take the chance, the worry, and the crisis out of hiring. Let's get you just who you need.

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Date: August 19, 2014
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