Secure File Sharing

For business, file sharing is helpful, convenient and very problematic.

And Dropbox, since it showed up on the market, has proven to be an easy, useful way to share files, and a serious thorn in the side of enterprise security.

By now, you've probably heard about what people in business are calling the Dropbox problem. Short version? It was made for sharing photos, personal files, and probably pirating music--basically, private user information. The security isn't up to scratch for corporate info. They've had many, well-publicized breaches.

But its convenience means many employees will use it to share corporate files with each other, even if your business doesn't officially use it. And that puts your data in a dangerous place. Because no matter how careful your users are, once it's in dropbox, it's out of your network. And it can end up anywhere.

So what's the answer? Basically, it's too useful a service to ignore. You can't just forbid Dropbox. But you can replace it. It has to be done with care, with real security. The best option we've found by far is Novell Filr.

Novell Filr acts just like Dropbox, but if Dropbox was completely contained within your firewall. And with the Filr mobile app, users can view and use data while outside the network through secure, monitored access.

Unlike dropbox, where files move without protection out from servers, into dropbox, and you-don't-know where else, with Filr, you give your users a safe, synched box. A place to upload files or anything else to safely share to help the business run better. Files that won't flee.

Filr even gives you granule control over sharing - letting you provision who can share what, where, and with whom.

Dropbox shouldn't scare you, well it should. But it shouldn't scare you out of putting your corporate info to work. Safely.

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Date: August 19, 2014
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