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Your Novell & NetIQ licenses are there. You know, because you keep paying for them. But aside from that, what do you do to keep track? How do you analyze the environment, audit use and make smart decisions about licensing?

Because waiting for the Novell auditors doesn't count. That means you're not avoiding avoidable costs. Here's a common example: auditors arrive, and they're the first all year to do a comprehensive combing over of your licensing environment.

They find you've exceeded your paid licenses (as most companies do) and present you with a bill for last-minute price to get compliant in licensing AND back maintenance. The thing is, the not-last-minute price is less. Many thousands less. For a larger organization, make it tens of thousands.

Is your strategy on passing the audit to cross your fingers? What you need is a guide.

We created Novacoast License Compliance Services to help our customers make informed decisions about their licensed environment and avoid the significant costs that come from working in the dark. And we're offering this to our customers at the unlimited-time price of nothing.

We will work with your IT staff to understand your environment. Run scripted toolsets to acquire license counts and usage statistics to tell you what's active, inactive or orphaned. We'll provide reporting as often as you need (annually, semi-annually, quarterly) based on your growth and activity.

We can help retire un-or-underused licenses. And we provide discounted license & maintenance quotations when you exceed use limits so that you can get compliant ahead of Novell's audit.

Sound expensively useful? Turns out we can offer these services for nothing (if you're using Novacoast to fulfill your annual license agreements) or next to nothing ($2,500/year) even if you don't. We make our money from the vendor, you save thousands, and Novell gets its all its renewals on time.

We help everybody win, especially you, with Novacoast License Compliance Services.

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Date: August 19, 2014
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