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Let’s have a look at your network. At the messy, behind the scenes part, where data lives in chaos—notifications never sent or seen and constant circumstantial information going nowhere, everywhere, unregarded, unnoticed and un-useful for you.

And maybe you know about Workflow, the magical product that you probably already own. Maybe you know that Workflow can do all kinds of wonderful things with this data, that it can put this noise to work for your business.

So why haven’t you put it to work for your business? Well if you know workflow, then you know using workflow is almost as time consuming, expensively expert-dependent, as daunting as trying to tame your data chaos yourself.

Well if Workflow is the answer for all this data, then what’s the answer for workflow?


Novacoast has developed TESS (the Telemetry and Error Subscription Service) to put workflow to work. TESS puts in place a system to dynamically react to the data and send it to the right place or plug it into the right processes.

It’s a framework for customizing, deploying and demystifying workflow.

But how likely is it that an out-of-the-box product is going to know your business, to deal with the particular needs and setup of your network?

Well we thought of that too. TESS is more than just a product, it’s Novacoast’s way of providing you with the hands-on training that you have been waiting for. Our expert engineers will teach you how to build TESS from the ground up to meet your needs.

But in this practical training, you won’t just learn how to build this working workflow solution—you will leave with it built. Together, we’ll build the core of this decisions and automation engine, but our class will primarily focus on teaching you workflow in a way that will let you connect that core to exactly what is in your business.

Let us teach you how to create and integrate exactly what you need. Because who knows what you need better than you?

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Date: February 16, 2015
Tags: business-services-video, infrastructure