Workflow & Reporting

From full service development to hands-on training

Workflows dramatically boost the efficiency of internal business operations. But it can be hard to know where to start.

Novacoast offers full service workflow support. From the creation of seamless processes across applications, departments, and locations to the development of web-based user interface portals. Relying primarily on Symantec Workflow, we can deliver comprehensive IT and business process automation with increased support for business systems, advanced reporting, increased performance, and an expanded end-user portal.

We also offer practical training courses, in which we take one of your use cases and guide your IT team through the creation of a working business-ready solution. At the end of the course, your team will know enough to build out additional workflows to help streamline additional business processes

Development & Support

  • Workflow design & documentation: Designing & analyzing repeatable business processes that are ripe for automation; Defining security & logging requirements, defining integration points & access rules, present documented design for approval
  • Development: data objects & access components, integration libraries & security structure, web portal development
  • Testing, rollout & refinement: Quality assurance, pilot testing & rollout

Practical Training:

  • Week-long training suited to students of all skill levels.
  • Build an Enterprise-grade product for data collection and automatic reporting.
  • Learn and explore best practices.
  • Build your own inputs and outputs for internal, automatic data movement.
  • De-mystify Workflow through hands-on use.

You probably already own Symantec Workflow

Do you own any Symantec Enterprise License? Then you already own a free copy of Symantec Workflow. We’ve been successfully leveraging this workflow engine to power event driven applications. Using Symantec Workflow, we can quickly build web forms to collect information, automatically query and add data to an endless number of backend systems, get any necessary approvals, and of course provide notifications and and full audit trail. Our designers can then build a smooth user interface that works great on both desktop and mobile platforms. Powerful applications have never been so easy.

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