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About Novacoast, Inc

A uniquely positioned IT services and solutions company, Novacoast is less defined by our broad range of expertise and services than by a perspective rooted in our cooperative environment of adaptable problem solving.

Beyond security specialists, software developers or network engineers, we are guides, allies, and problem solvers.

From implementation services, license fulfillment and technical training to software development, staffing services and custom or emerging solutions, Novacoast is an experienced and comprehensive IT business resource empowered on every level by our flexible and fearless perspective.

Meet the team

Paul Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Gray

Chief Technical Officer

Janice Newlon

Chief Operations Officer

Darin Sanders

Vice President, Sales

Eron Howard

Chief Delivery Officer

Geoff Gilbert

Vice President, Engineering

Gabe Laughlin

Chief Financial Officer

Katie McAuliff

Vice President, Global Markets

Emmy Savenelli

Corporate Counsel

Our Story Perspective-Driven Growth

Novacoast began in 1996 as an expert services group focused on customers in Southern California. Launched by a small group of engineers with a vision of an IT professional services group built on a foundation of talented engineers and partnerships based on a careful selection of best-of-breed technology. Early on, Novacoast worked to create an infrastructure for a group that would be able to grow into a comprehensive business resource.

After many early years of growth and diversification of services, partners and markets, the launch of an in-house application development team in 2001 began Novacoast’s expansion beyond the standard spectrum of technical services. While growing its offerings, however, Novacoast has nevertheless continued to base its perspective and approach on the services model of adaptable problem solving.

After weathering the burst of the dot-com bubble at the turn of the last decade, Novacoast has experienced constant growth, continuing to nationally expand beyond Santa Barbara; and in recent years, Novacoast has also expanded its offerings to include Product Fulfillment, a growing and multifaceted Managed Services practice and comprehensive Staffing Services.

In little time, Novacoast has grown into a full service consultancy that has developed experience, tools and relationships that increase efficiency, bolster security and deliver stronger control to networks in every industry.

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