Embedded Systems Development Services

Correctness, performance, and reliability.

Whether you're working on a new standalone device, smart phone peripheral, or other hardware/software integration, Novacoast embedded systems development services can help.

We provide full teams to take on software development for devices, or staff augmentation of one of our team members on an existing project.

Our approach:

  • ​We lead with design. ​Our developers are experts at crafting efficient software architecture.
  • Our Development DNA is in agile development.​ When your project's technical or business requirements change, Novacoast has more expertise adapting rapidly than any other team.
Novacoast has the expertise, experience, and precision to tackle any embedded systems software project you have.

Our expertise:

  • ​Languages: ​C, C++, Assembly, Cilk
  • Frameworks: pthreads, ØMQ, OpenMPI, OpenGL
  • Cross-platform: ​We have experience developing for Android, iOS, OSX, Linux, and embedded systems
  • Multi-architecture: x86, ARM, PIC microcontroller
  • Full Service: From architecture, to development, to QA

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