Endpoint Protection

To be secure, you have to go beyond anti-virus.

Novacoast offers vulnerability assessments and custom-designed multi-layered protection strategies for all the endpoints in your network.

The threat Landscape has changed and cybercrime is rampant. Companies cannot depend solely on desktop antivirus technology to protect themselves. Following the steps in the tabs below will improve the protection of desktops and stop malware.

Endpoint Protection

  • Protection beyond anti-virus
  • Sophisticated protection from large-scale malware to the most targeted attacks
  • Scan elimination & file de-duplication
  • Solutions optimized to secure your high-density business critical environments
  • Reputation & behavior monitoring

Endpoint Protection Assessments

  • Browser intrusion: Learn what kind of browser vulnerabilities are being leveraged today, and how your systems stack up against attack.
  • Antivirus measures: Are your machines patched up to date? How damaging are virus outbreaks? Is incident response effective?
  • Encryption: How accessible is your data?
  • Storage: What is allowed and how is data moved around? What about data loss preventative measures?
  • Assessment focus: Antivirus, antispyware, firewall and intrusion prevention as well as device control and application control.

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