Secure compliance without tying hands.

Your business has to run under countless regulatory frameworks. Healthcare professionals work in a current of sensitive information that must be accessible, controllable and secure.

Private, available and visible.

Get your HIPAA compliance assessment

HIPAA Compliance can be dense and discouraging. Be honest—sometimes you focus on some requirements at the expense of others, right?

Novacoast has years of experience conducting assessments and bringing networks up to compliance.

We know HIPAA inside and out, and can help identify and respond to non compliance.

What you need to know

  • PHI Data must be encrypted
  • Social Media and Mobile devices need to be considered in your compliance plans
  • Sometimes technology is not the solution needed--procedure updates and policy re-writes are just as important

What we offer

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Policy Audits and Procedure Writing
  • Access Management strategy
  • Securing data, both in transfers and at rest
  • Pinpointing Unauthorized Access

Compliance through Contextual Access

Visibility and Availability

Healthcare professionals can’t be tied down to a single access point.

Patients move from one department to another, one ward to another, from one professional to another.

We can show you not only to set up contingencies in EPHI access, but to build a system that will track and record all access to satisfy compliance.

Download: 5 Musts for Healthcare Compliance

This best-practices report is the product of countless compliance assessments.

View Webinar: HIPAA Compliance and File Management

Learn how secure file management is vital to protect ePHI.