Tailored solutions for gaming networks.

When your business runs 24 hours a day Zero Downtime isn’t a plus. It’s a necessity. Multiple businesses under one roof, heavy regulations and compliance standards—your gaming business is uniquely difficult to securely manage.

You need compliance, security & customer confidence.


You have to have it covered. Might as well dramatically increase your security while you’re getting it done.

From GAP analyses to strategies to increase compliance and simplify policies, we can help.

Security Assessments

We analyze current plans & strategies around people, process & tools with a mind towards evolving these core areas & reducing overall risk.

We’ll help you know what you don’t know.

PCI Tokenization

Substitute sensitive data elements with non-sensitive equivalents, referred to as tokens, which have no extrinsic or exploitable meaning.

Take PCI out of scope, effectively solving compliance.

Data Classifications

Sensitive information lurks in unstructured data. Our discovery scans make sense of your data environment.

We can help design & enforce a system that classifies all data at the moment of creation.

The power of 2Factor / Strong authentication

Moving past passwords.

In the Gaming industry, a lot of vulnerability comes from overconfidence in passwords to maintain access security.

Today, a password is barely a speed bump in an attack. We can show you how to set up stronger authentication protocols to keep your network safe.

The CISO: if there’s a single point of failure in your security, this is it.

Our CISO services provide a full-time temporary CISO with years of career experience to take point in your organization. Your interim CISO can:

Help build a new security program

Extend and implement your roadmap

Provide guidance and support

Help select, vet and train your permanent CISO