Project Management

Experienced project management.

Nobody likes the suit who walks in with their stack of project binders & their unfamiliar project approach, process & vocabulary—stalling progress with meetings, memos and signatures. We know the process can kill the process. But we also know how a support system can be vital in keeping a project on track.

At Novacoast, our Project Managers are eager to assume whatever role is necessary to support success—varying widely by the unique needs of each project, customer, engineering team & SOW. We reject as much unnecessary overhead as we can, economically implementing “just enough” to facilitate, organize & support project work instead of getting in the way.

What we do:

  • We organize. We organize thoughts, feedback & conversations. We organize vision. We organize work just enough so that everyone knows what has to be done, by whom, and by when.
  • We clarify. We verify, con rm, & ask. We restate. We ask again, and we ask again later until we get clarity between all parties—so engineers and customers move forward with con dence, making course corrections early and often to end up where they need to be.
  • We monitor. We monitor the budget. We monitor the customer’s level of satisfaction from week to week. We monitor progress against time-lines whenever relevant.
  • We respond. We answer the phone. We respond to email. We respond to concerns from our engineers, customers & Client Executives.
  • We avoid surprises. We get the noise out of the way so that you and our engineers can focus on the work itself.

What we are:

We believe in proven success, and so we only hire highly trained Project Managers with the industry-standard certifications and extensive experience managing Project Management Offices and enterprise-level projects.

Our PMs are flexible and attentive. We won’t impose structure that doesn’t fit your culture or your project, and we will continually adjust our approach to best suit your needs.

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