IT Operations Management

More complex networks need stronger management.

Compliance and Security have the attention these days. But as everything gets computerized, basic IT Operations are more and more critical. And with n-tier applications, cloud and Evertything-as-a-Service, fault tolerant design, and complicated networks adding more and more components to keep running, the traditional Red-Yellow-Green dashboard isn’t sufficient.

IT Operations needs to be able to monitor application flow paths, fault tolerant routing, and devices they don’t control outside the network.

We can help

  • Establish effective operations centers—NOC, SOC, ITOC
  • Choose and implement a tool that gives status at a glance and detailed information for complicated business solutions
  • Monitor multi-part services not only for failure, but also impending loss of service
  • Get a handle on the every increasing complexity of your IT landscape


"They know the Identity space. The staff is made up of experts that are customer-focused, and they do what they say they will do. Good documentation, good communication, good flexibility. Smart. For this massive program, Novacoast was the ideal vendor."

US Cellular

"The process was very well handled from beginning to end. We were working on a budget and Novacoast helped to find solutions that met our needs."

Manhattan, Kansas School Districts

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