Log Management

Logs are just the beginning.

Novacoast can take you beyond log monitoring and management. While your log data is valuable—it can help you detect attacks, breaches, and it can help you achieve compliance in numerous standards like PCI DSS—it is the beginning, not the end of security and compliance.

From comprehensive log management to finding a Security Information & Event Management solution, we can help.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive log management – We can help you find, implement and optimize your ideal solution for automated log collection and storage, privileged user monitoring, and total scalability.
  • SIEM Design and Architecture – Our background and experience in a variety of industry verticals allows us to take an inventory of your systems and help you design and size your SIEM deployment while supporting any compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, etc.
  • Custom SIEM collectors/connectors – Our development expertise means we can help you gather logs from any system by building custom collectors/connectors. This means all of your custom and 3rd party applications that do not have an out of the box collector/connector from the SIEM vendor can be put back into scope!
  • External Data Sources – Need help integrating that 3rd party threat intelligence feed into your SIEM? We’ve got the ability to take your threat feeds and automatically sync them into your SIEM to keep your rules up to date with the latest threat vectors.
  • Reporting – Some SIEMs give you the ability to build custom modules for unique reporting and visualizations, we’ve worked with them before and can build you the custom dashboards and reports you need to take full advantage of the power locked in your SIEM.

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