Single Sign On

Better security, faster security.

As we integrate more and more applications and tools into our daily lives, and security asks us to be stronger and more secure, we wind up with more and more passwords and authentication methods and headaches. Single Sign On (SSO) is a way to make authentication stronger, mitigate password chaos, and make users’ lives easier.

We can help

  • Choose the right SSO tools
  • Implement strong authentication
  • Make the users’ experience easier, which in turn makes the help desk happier
  • Integrate desktop, web, and mobile into your SSO plans
  • Define a multi-purpose federation infrastructure that can support a wide variety of protocols


"They know the Identity space. The staff is made up of experts that are customer-focused, and they do what they say they will do. Good documentation, good communication, good flexibility. Smart. For this massive program, Novacoast was the ideal vendor."

US Cellular

"The process was very well handled from beginning to end. We were working on a budget and Novacoast helped to find solutions that met our needs."

Manhattan, Kansas School Districts

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