Managed Security Services

Incident Response

A rapid response team to investigate, contain, and remediate compromised assets.

Use Cases for Incident Response Service

Choosing an incident response provider is kind of like choosing an insurance policy: It's only proven in the heat of a bad situation, so some effort should be made at the outset of the relationship to determine exactly what's going to happen during an IR event.

1 What should an IR team provide after an incident?

Transparency in the interest of learning and preventing future compromise is a critical element of an IR program. All steps should lead toward a more mature security posture, and any successful attacks should be a learning experience for everyone involved. In the wake of an incident, an IR team should provide the following documentation to help glean any useful knowledge from the event:

  • Incident Declaration Report
  • Initial Assessment of Incident
  • Daily / Weekly (as applicable) Status Reports of the investigation

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