Managed Security Services

Managed EDR

Managed EDR, or MDR, capitalizes on next generation end point protection technology, operated by our security experts.

Use Cases for Managed EDR

Adopting MDR must satisfy a business use case for the organization. In most scenarios, it makes sense to outsource analysis and configuration to experts.

Here are a few common MDR use cases:

1 Your organization lacks internal security data analysts

Utilizing an EDR solution requires resources in the form of human analysts who can configure, tune, and evolve the usage of the EDR tools in a given organization. These analysts also set up the automation response and remediation procedures.

Outsourcing to security experts can reduce the time of effective monitoring and allow the customer to employ specialized human analysis skills like threat hunting and binary analysis.

2 Reduce costs of remediation

The most common and effective remediation for a compromised endpoint is to simply wipe it and reinstall everything. This can get expensive in terms of hours of productivity and potentially lost critical data. Security incidents can be proactively avoided altogether using a well tuned MDR solution.