Data Classification Assessments

How secure is your unstructured data?

It can be extremely challenging to classify data—What is public? Private? Open within the company? Open with certain partners? But in the modern threat landscape, data has to be more visible and controllable than ever.

Novacoast has the experience and tools to comb through your data and assess how much sensitive material is too available—from credit card info to intellectual property or PHI—or and what is slipping through the cracks of your current classification and control policies. And we have the expertise to incorporate Identity, Access and Governance into your data security solution.

We can help

  • Identify low-hanging fruit and recommend solutions to deter malicious agents
  • Audit policy and check your current data solutions and procedures for leaks
  • Assess compliance with your own policies and whether your employees and systems work properly together
  • Provide a tool-agnostic breakdown of the available options for data classification at the point of inception, using contextual information about the data as it is created to determine the appropriate level of restriction
“Out of the many vendors I have dealt with in the past I have to say that the our sales rep with Novacoast responds quicker than any of the other companies I have dealt with and the Novacoast engineer has been much more knowledgeable about the product than I am used to.”

First NBC Bank

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