Data Security Services

Keep your data safe wherever it goes: local, mobile, cloud, anywhere.

Today your data is traveling farther, through new channels and on new devices. Novacoast can asses your environment and implement a solution that protects data across from the enterprise network through social media—from Data Classification to Encryption, Data Loss Prevention and more.

Novacoast also provides Data Classification Assessments for your confidential data and custom protection strategies designed to respond to the changing environments and technology of today.

We can help

  • Discover where data is stored across your endpoints and servers; identify true data owners and be alerted to unusual activity
  • Monitor how data is being used when users are on and off the corporate network
  • Protect data by notifying users about policy violations, securing exposed files and folders, and stopping outbound communications
  • Classify data as it's created, enabling more control over even unstructured data
  • Manage data loss policies, workflow and remediation, reporting and administration from a powerful web-based management console
  • Operationalize Data Security. We can show you how to build security into your ops team's processes.
  • Manage Access & Security. Access is a vital component to data security. We have experience in designing and enforcing access policy. Too many data security strategies fail to include Identity Management in their scope.
  • Incorporate Governance Reporting & Auditing. It's an ongoing process to manage your security through data. We can help you tomorrow as well as today.
“Out of the many vendors I have dealt with in the past I have to say that the our sales rep with Novacoast responds quicker than any of the other companies I have dealt with and the Novacoast engineer has been much more knowledgeable about the product than I am used to.”

First NBC Bank

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