Imaging and Application Packaging

All your workstations up to date. Faster than ever before.

Novacoast has years of experience working with a variety of platforms like Microsoft and Open Enterprise. Our services range from rapid deployment to ongoing services, with a focus on efficiency, cost and availability.

It starts with Novacoast Universal Imaging:

Imaging Services

Avoiding or delaying regular image updates will result in significant drags in security and efficiency of your endpoint network.

Novacoast imaging services range from rapid implementation to ongoing image management. Our service:

  • Provides updated images monthly
  • Improves efficiency for servers and workstations (updates shortened from weeks to days)
  • With a fully up to date OS, security is more reliable & improved

Application Packaging

You need a solution for pushing out applications all the time. Believe it or not, some organizations are still using CDs and manual installs.

Application packaging, the modern answer, is as much a science as an art. You need to know the application, how it runs and how it installs to get it to mass deploy unattended. Our service:

  • Is run by the two most experienced app packaging engineers in the country.
  • Allows deployment of hundreds of apps at once
  • Creates minimal user disruption
  • Automatically pushes out custom updates, switching operating systems


"Novacoast has the skills and experience needed to assist with getting projects completed and problems resolved. Not only was our problem resolved, the project finished, we also learned from the Novacoast engineers, making it an education process for us at the same time."

FNB Corporation Bank

"Novacoast created a universal Windows 7 image, completely tailored the way we wanted it—including all drivers and applications for every machine, physical or virtual. It was the best IT money we’ve ever spent."

Underwriters Safety and Claims

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