Custom Development

Enterprise System Integration

Your business works better when your systems talk together. Novacoast’s Development teams have full reachback into our Engineering and Advisory services. This means that with any integration, our Developers have the insight into the product’s inner workings and how they function in a typical enterprise environment.

Our Process

Our team spends the time to evaluate your unique IT ecosystem and determine how best to leverage the current tools you have, and built the tools that you don’t. We leverage our 20+ years of IT and Security expertise to identify if your issue is solved through maturity of an existing tool or if something custom needs to be developed.

What We Do

Some of the most common integrations include:

Custom Parsers and Log Collectors

Your SIEM is only as powerful as the data you feed it. Our developers have extensive experience collecting from any endpoint including HTTP, flat file, syslog, protobuf and many others at the largest of scales.

Custom Dashboards to provide insight and Data Driven Decision Making

Our team leverages PowerBI, Tableau, and builds custom dashboards to provide data insights into how your security teams are performing. Let the data show your ROI and how you trend over time.

Custom Web Interfaces

Ever feel like you are clicking between 5 consoles just to do your one job? One of our most common use cases is building out large scale web applications to manage your unique set of security products all in one place.

Automated Secrets Management through PAM

PAM is easy for the standard use cases - AD credentials, *nix, and service accounts. Once you get to rotating credentials in scripts, generating keys, and integrating key creation with HSMs our custom development team can help you reach 100% PAM coverage of accounts.

Building CI/CD Controls

DevSecOps is at the core of what we do. Whether you are looking for assistance with Dockerizing, Automating deployments, or ensuring build quality to name a few, our team can build you a process to ensure the highest quality and security.


Novacoast has experience with building automation in many toolsets and programming languages to reduce your overhead on menial tasks. Some common technology choices include Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and custom scripting like Python to achieve automation that fits your needs.

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