File Management Suite - What You Need to Know


File Management Suite - What You Need to Know

What's the big deal with Novell File Management Suite?

Novell has been making a big push lately behind Novell File Management Suite, promising organization of your data and a simpler storage experience.

By now, we've probably all read the Dilbert strips which seem to perfectly express the concerns that prompted the software to be written in the first place, and many of us have followed links to the videos of hapless (and clueless) office managers inventing increasingly outlandish strategies for dealing with their storage woes without facing the fact that they need help.

So Novell is excited, and it's easy to see why. Most, if not all, businesses face these problems of information overload and storage confusion.

But while these videos do a great job of summing up our storage woes, and though they make the workday easier to get through by giving us a good laugh, they can seem a bit vague as to exactly what service is being offered. It might help us out a bit to be able to get a handle on exactly what this product does.

The good news is, it's relatively straightforward. Novacoast has handled many installations of File Management Suite. The software solution consists of three parts, which work together to clean up your tangle of stored user files.

Here's a breakdown of how the suite can work for you:

NFMS from Sam Rolens on Vimeo.