Managed Security Services

Managed DLP

A comprehensive data security program assisted by the knowledge and experience of a managed security group

Use Cases for Managed DLP

The question of whether or not to adopt a DLP program isn't really a question — you should have one. Not every organization can spare the time or resources to start from scratch or make the effort to affect the institutional change that data labeling and best practices can require. Utilizing a Managed DLP service provider can get a DLP program off the ground and protecting data assets quicker.

Do I need DLP?

It's difficult to find a case where prevention of data loss is considered unnecessary. The arrival of GDPR created a baseline for broad regulatory compliance in data security. Most businesses in an industry that collects and stores data will need some measure of DLP.

A few use cases:

1 An organization is subject to regulatory compliance in data storage

Storage of personnel, human resources, medical, and financial data is going to be covered by some sort of regulation. An audit will require a minimum level of DLP measures for compliance.

2 Internal resources have access to data

The biggest threat to security often comes from inside the organization. Employees with access to sensitive data can wittingly or unwittingly move it outside the network or storage under your dominion. The boom in personal cloud storage, convenience of removable USB disks, and use of IoT devices all create egress points that are difficult to monitor.

3 The cost of a breach or unintended data leakage can be significant

Fines, lawsuits, negative exposure, and possible loss of intellectual property are all potential consequences of failed data security.

4 Forensic evidence

DLP can provide a trail of evidence to substantiate termination or criminal charges in the event of a data leak of information to corporate espionage or inappropriate behavior.

Do I need Managed DLP?

A Managed Security Services provider like Novacoast can help ease the adoption of DLP and shorten the time to maximum effectiveness of an implementation.

Novacoast can leverage our specialized knowledge of data egress, exfiltration techniques, and data signatures to refine and tune DLP as well as any other tools that it complements.

A provider will have the knowledge to check each of the boxes for best practices. They also are able to rapidly get a data security program in place and save the customer from making costly mistakes in both wasted time and failures to effectively protect data.