Novacoast announces Apex Program-Cybersecurity Training for BVI and Military Veteran Communities


Novacoast announces Apex Program-Cybersecurity Training for BVI and Military Veteran Communities

Novacoast announces Apex Program—cybersecurity training for BVI and military veteran communities Apex Program charts path to professional success for underserved communities with accessible cybersecurity training and resources

WICHITA, KANSAS, January 31, 2023 — Driven by a mission to advance accessibility and inclusion for the blind, visually impaired, and military veteran populations, Novacoast announces the launch of Apex Program. The program will provide new opportunities for these underserved communities, while producing trained, certified candidates for an industry in need. To date, there is global cybersecurity workforce shortage of 3.4 million professionals.

Apex Program helps students develop the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in cybersecurity, including preparation for the CompTIA A+ and Security+ certification exam series. Apex Program is a CompTIA Partner.

The 10-week program is designed for accessibility by IT professionals who've navigated BVI and veteran realities as a part of the cybersecurity workforce. Each week focuses on a core area of IT security, and follows a defined course schedule.

Because all students learn differently, Apex Program takes a multi-format approach to instruction. Foundational cybersecurity topics are explored through informative lectures and video tutorials, then students are able to actively test their knowledge with hands-on labs and quizzes. At each step of a student's journey with Apex Program, they have access to expert instructors for additional guidance and support.

The goals of Apex Program go beyond foundational cybersecurity training with its commitment to professional placement for graduating students. "It's a complete approach to technical training that reflects the standards we've set at Novacoast," states Novacoast CEO, Paul Anderson. Anderson explains, "We've discovered, when you fuel peoples' potential with opportunities to learn and thrive, you fuel their future."

Speaking of the organization's dedication to supporting students' complete educational journey, Program Director, David Mayne, states, "We are honored to be able to help students realize their capability with the promise of placement." Mayne goes on to explain, "Cybersecurity is a $173.8 billion industry with over 3 million job openings—with our commitment to actively guiding employment for Apex graduates, the program will help to meet that demand with qualified, skilled professionals."

In support of its bold mission, Novacoast hired former President and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind, Kirk Adams. Joining Apex to lead sales, Adams states, "I have dedicated my professional career to creating employment opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired, and can attest to a crying need for relevant technical training." Adams explains, "Our community, among other underrepresented groups, offers extraordinary capabilities in IT security—our potential has not yet been fully realized. This changes with the launch of Apex Program."