One-Step Workstation Imaging

Novacoast is proud to have installed its universal image for Novell ZENworks in over 100 sites. Well over. We've found ZENworks to be fantastic for providing total control over workstation consistency, clearing unwanted programs away and making sure all needed programs are available.

But no answer is that easy.

The issue users are confronted with in using ZEN is not one of services, but of implementation. Most companies have to create separate images for each make and model of computer used by their business in order to maintain consistency.

This starting from scratch on countless blank slates is time consuming and expensive; but luckily, not inevitable.

Novacoast has developed a strategy for creating a universal image to be implemented by ZEN, that will fit any make and any model of computer. Universal Image significantly reduces the time needed to image prior to implementation, and gets your business the benefits of ZEN for as many workstations as you need.

Don't start from scratch.

Because you don't have to. And we can show you.

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Date: August 19, 2014
Tags: infrastructure, it-services-video, product-fullfillment-video