Software-Defined Storage

Enterprise storage is cheap. That’s right. Cheap. It’s big news. But before we get into what’s changed, let’s get into why change couldn’t come soon enough.

Data is growing. Fast. In every network. And today, an average 80% of yours is unstructured—machine-generated, data about data, emails, slides, images, videos—stuff you can’t parse through and clearly see. So, you have to store it all like crown jewels. That means paying for proprietary storage hardware/software combos keeping that company BBQ email thread just as secure & available as customer info & your IP.

And that data’s increasing a lot faster than the cost per gig is decreasing for that old arm-and-a-leg vendor lock-in storage—which is scalable, sure, if you’re willing to just keep ponying up for more, hostage to vendors that do as good a job protecting data as killing your bottom line.

Enough of that. You know all that. Didn’t I say this stuff was cheap?

Today, you can finally go un-proprietary by separating storage hardware from the software management with something called Software-defined storage from SUSE. As in: drop that expensive management software, replace it for less and pair it with any off-the-shelf commodity hardware you want.

We’ve worked in storage for 20 years and we’ve been waiting a long time for something like this. Secure and available as vendor storage, but much cheaper, more customizable, much cheaper, and more easily scalable. And just much much much much much cheaper.

And no, I don’t mean that bad word cheap. Not the broom from the dollar store that breaks tomorrow, I mean nothing more or less than potentially paying half of what you’re paying today for the same storage .

The catch really isn’t one. You have to set it up, and knowing what you’re doing makes a difference. SUSE storage is built in on open technology—that’s part of why it’s so much cheaper, but it also means that architecting it takes some knowhow.

And we’ve got you there. In addition to being decorated storage vets, Novacoast is probably SUSE’s most trusted North American partner. Need help deciding whether to use a write-back cache tiering vs. read-only? Whether to use Erasure Coding or Replication for your data? Maybe computing the number of Placement Groups based off the number of OSD nodes, OSDs and replicas makes your head hurt?

We’ve got you. Slash your storage budget. We’ll make it work today and tomorrow.

Enterprise storage is cheap. We can show you.

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Date: November 19, 2015
Tags: business-services-video, infrastructure