Managed Security Services

Vulnerability Management

The guidance to reconcile assets, conduct scans, and remediate the right vulnerabilities before they result in compromise

Build a Vulnerability Management Program

The experts at Novacoast are ready to work with our customers to refine a Vulnerability Management program that ensures efficiency, accuracy, and full coverage for exposed assets.

Novacoast stands on a legacy of security consulting. Our approach to Vulnerability Management incorporates the experience and strategy gleaned from years advising top tier enterprise customers. We believe that the process of refining a VM program is an arc; as we optimize the customer's ability to deal with vulnerabilities and operationalize remediation, it becomes faster and easier.

As with most managed security services, Vulnerability Management is a cooperative effort between customer stakeholders, security operations, and network operations. A VM program with Novacoast features the following elements:

SOC/Operations Role in Vulnerability Management

Security analysts in the Novacoast SOC maintain a program of both scheduled and reactive (critical CVE or zero day) vulnerability scanning. They use the results to provide the customer with a prioritized response list. While some vulnerabilities are critical and should be patched ASAP, others may be postponed until a more strategic approach to updating can be taken.

Our security operations team can tune vulnerability scans for reduced time and network load, ensure more complete coverage of assets, and utilize business intelligence against data gathered in the process.

Our goal in the SOC for vulnerability management as well as many other security disciplines is to use the mass of data available to us from tools to provide indicators, trends, and ultimately valuable meaning that leads to action.

As a secondary service, Novacoast will operate and perform health checks of any customer tools related to Vulnerability Management.


While the security operations team will conduct scans and prioritize an action plan for patching, Novacoast security engineers are available to examine, plan, and deploy the exact solution for vulnerability management that fits. Our team has a broad understanding of the space and an agnostic stance on tooling to ultimately find the best fit for your enterprise.

Maturity in Program

The prior mentioned arc — the curve of improving efficiency in vulnerability management as time goes on — is accomplished through a constant eye on maturing the program.

Novacoast isn't satisfied to repeat the same static workload of in-depth analysis of every single vulnerability. Where possible, our operations team will help streamline the process of dealing with vulnerabilities through operationalization and automation.